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Swimming in the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area

The Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area was created in 1997. It includes the sea area between Punta Mesco to the west, and Punta Montenero to the east, along the coastline of the Cinque Terre National Park .

The Marine Protected Area is divided into three smaller areas, with different levels of protection of the environment : Area A (Riserva Integrale), Area B (Riserva Generale) and Area C (Riserva Parziale). In the three areas boating is either forbidden or restricted.

In 2015 a new set of rules has been issued by the Park authority.

Please refer to the Park website for updated information: qui il link del parco


Swimming routes and distances

CVM to Punta Mesco0,40,75
Monterosso to Punta Mesco11,85
Monterosso to Vernazza12,96
Vernazza to Corniglia1,42,6
Corniglia to Manarola1,42,6
Manarola to Riomaggiore 0,71,3
Riomaggiore to Punta Montenero0,40,75
Punta Montenero to Punta Mesco5,29,6

Vernazza swimming lane: a 700 ms long swimming lane is signaled by buoys